Jeff's Foto Album

Here is a collection of pictures of myself and people in my life. It's great having a QuickTake camera and scanner around! &indent;For downloading considerations many of these are just small thumbnails of the actual images. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized pictures.

The first image of me on the web. Actually, I'm not on the web but in Duane's office. This is the first documented photo of me losing my hair.

Scott Adams promised if we sent him a photo of us next to our computer with a sock puppet he would publish it. I sent him this photo, and I actually ended up on page 3, but apparently they were flooded with puppets and still have a bunch of backlog. The text is there, but the picture isn't (yet).

Dilbert! Once the thought occurred to me, it was obvious Dilbert would be a perfect Halloween costume. I could even dance in it (though my middle got a bit toasty). Everyone thought it came out great. I was surprised at the number of people at work that didn't know who Dilbert was. I even got a couple of people who didn't know about Dilbert to start reading the strip. (For those of you who don't know who Dilbert is, check out the Dilbert Zone.)

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