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The Electronic Newsstand

Here are all sorts of books, periodicals, newsletters, HyperMedia e-`Zines and other related information. Warning: these tend to be graphic-intensive.

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The term `zine is derived from magazine and usually describes a publication that has a very specific and limited readership. Quite often a `zine is cutting edge, a bit raw, and un-policially correct. What follows really aren't technically `zines, but I like the word, so I'm using it

Don't venture here unless you have a graphical browser! The same folks that bring you Wired have broght a similarly styled HotWired into the virtual world. Vivid graphics often with little textual explanation. Confusing at first, rather nice to just browse around in, but definately a visual blast! Features the latest art, music, videos, and news for the wired. On the edge, artistically and technologically. Only for the adventurous.

The AIRheads responsible for producing the Annals of Irrepreducable Research's have marked a spot for themselves on the Web. AIR is an actual magazine, so officially this belongs in the Magazines section, but it is so irreverent it deseerves `zine status.

BRETTnews: a sporadic zine of humor and entertainment, of trash and trivia, of rants, raves and reviews.

Information Alley
The goal of the Information Alley is to help Apple computer users get full use of their Apple computers, peripherals, and software. Twice a month the gurus at Apple compile essential software bugs and fixes.

MacSense: The Macintosh E-Zine
"A monthly electronic magazine which focuses on the mainstream Macintosh computer market. Each issue of MacSense details the most significant news stories in the world of Macintosh computing and explores how these new developments will affect every-day Mac users. Packed with vibrant color graphics and in-depth product reviews, it is the founding goal of MacSense to shed light on a rapidly evolving industry." The Web Pages detail the contents of the various issues. To read, you must download an issue.

A free weekly electronic publication that reports on interesting products and events in the computerm industry, currently with an emphasis on the world of the Macintosh.

Low End User
Aimed at people with less-powerful Macs, this magazine has lots of articles on how to get the most out of the less expensive machines. There are many reviews, tips, columns, and lists of good bargains.

Voo Doo Magazine
The only intentionally humorous publication on the MIT campus. Submissions of cartoons, comics, drawings, photographs, opinion columns, prose, stories, and jokes are accepted all-year-round from any past-or-present MIT affiliate.

The Virtual Mirror
Billed as "A new source of information on the Web, the Net ...and real life", it is a lively, well-written news magazine on the Web and related happenings.

Citizen Poke
"Comedy with Wallop"

Urban Desires
An interactive magazine of metropolitan passions

electronic Gourmet Guide
eGG: The internet e-zine devoted to food and cooking.

Arts Wire
Arts news and information archive. Within you can find HOTWIRE, the weekly newsletter of Arts Wire

Twentynothing is a quarterly electronic magazine, written by young and rising writers, all in their twenties. Somehow they got stalled and only have two '93 issues out.

Your MoM
Originally an irreverant high-school newspaper. Now the primary contributors have gone off to various colleges yet are still collaborating together. Rather silly, but entertaining. A few nice graphics, yet still a quick download.

Email infozine now available on the Web

Netsurfer Digest
Netsurfer Digest is your guide to interesting news, places and resources online. Each week it brings you short, crisp newsbytes, notices, and reviews designed to provide informative and entertaining snapshots of the vast wired world. Periodically you can also expect to see special features, letters to the editor, and special bulletins about significant breaking stories.

The Scout Report
A weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information Services to the Internet community as a fast, convenient way to stay informed on network activities. Its purpose is to combine in one place the highlights of new resource announcements and other news which occurred on the Internet during the previous week.

InterText Magazine
An electronically-distributed fiction magazine. A new issue is released every two months. Stories ranging from science fiction to fantasy to horror to mainstream.

John Labovitz's E-Zine-List
This is a directory of 400+ electronic 'zines around the world, accessible via the Web, Gopher, FTP, email, and other services.

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These are electronic versions of paper newspapers

Electronic Telegraph
An on-line British newspaper

San Jose Mercury News
The first complete daily newspaper on the World Wide Web. Well implimented, too.

The Journal Online
A supplement to The Journal Newspapers in the D.C. metro area is now online at InfiNet. The Journal is known for intense local coverage of the suburbs surrounding Washington, D.C., and the online paper includes daily updates of local news, plus a guide to community services.

The Capital Online
A supplement to The Capital-Gazette in Annapolis, Md., has sailed onto InfiNet. This World Wide Web site, still in development, will focus on local entertainment information in the historic port town.
"The Internet Newspaper." A service of the Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune.

One-stop shop for daily news on business, science, and technology, NewsPage is the first World Wide Web site to offer a broad spectrum of customized news on the Internet. Using AI-based technology filtering 15,000 news stories a night from over 400 sources (newspapers, magazines, trade weeklies, newsletters, news and press release wires), NewsPage matches each incoming story to one of 850 relevant Topic areas.

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These are electronic versions of magazines you can pick up at a physical newsstand

Time Universe / Pathfinder
With the Time magazine Web site, this magazine has distinguished itself as among the most farsighted and innovative companies in the publishing industry. Here you get daily news, entertainment weekly reviews, money watch, feature articles, and even a bulletin board where you can post messages and discuss issues with the magazines' readers and writers. The finding tools are very good and well organized and the graphics are magazine quality.
TIME Magazine
The weekly newsmagazine is provided in full text. Hypertext links allow the reader to pursue different angles to stories, moving through the archives of TIME, or making links to other documents as well as other publications and sites.
VIBE chronicles and celebrates urban music and the American youth culture that inspires and consumes it. Vibe speaks to a whole generation of young men and women whose lives defy categorization along conventional lines of race, class or gender. From an inclusive, multicultural perspective, Vibe covers the essential elements of a modern 18-to-34 year old's life: music, fashion, politics, media, technology and sports. Our approach is passionate, honest and open-minded, echoing the spirit of our readers.
the Virtual Garden
An online resource for the home gardener. Currently under development, the Virtual Garden, a service of Time Inc., intends to be the most comprehensive collection of consumer information on gardening available online. It is ecumenical in approach in that, unlike most online forums, it will not limit its content to information derived from a single sponsoring publisher. Instead it will consist of a panoply of features derived from several Time Inc. magazines and book publishers as well as contributions from the world's leading public gardens and arboreta, professional botanists, horticulturists and landscape architects, and plant societies and gardening experts.
Grooves Online
Grooves is a new rock 'n' roll CD series with an accompanying mini-magazine. Every other month we come out with a new volume that includes 16 selections from new albums of the most talented artists working today. This is intelligent, original and provocative rock 'n' roll for adults. Some of it fits into the alternative or indie rock categories, but we are not about formats and pigeonholes.
Time Warner Electronic Publishing
No self-descriptive text from the page itself, but it looks very interesting
People Magazine
People Magazine online
Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly online
Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated online

Ziff-Davis Publishing
Here are the online versions of magazines produced by Ziff-Davis Publishing
Computer Shopper
This first Web edition contains a selection of articles from the paper magazine that give you a flavor of our hardware comparison Features and Shoppers' Guides, plus a glimpse of our best pundits and industry columnists. You'll find our famous BBS lists here online, alongside the incisive humor of the infamous Hard Edge column, plus our regular shareware roundup, including files for download. Each month, look for a new Web edition based on the current paper edition.
Inter@ctive Week
The Single Source for information on digital delivery.
Welcome to MacUser's home page on the World Wide Web. Here, you can find selected top stories from the latest MacUser, an index of past stories, contact information and more.
Welcome to MacWEEK's home page on the World Wide Web. Here, you can find selected top stories from the latest MacWEEK, reviews from past issues, contact information and more.
PC Computing
PC Computing online
PC Magazine
Welcome to PC Magazine on the Web, an electronic complement to your favorite computer magazine. Look here for an electronic sampling of reviews and columns from PC Magazine, as well as original content tailored to the interests of our Web readers. You'll also find utilities, benchmarks and other electronic resources available.
PC Week
PC Week Navigator is your guide to the Internet. Each week's printed version of the PC Week Navigator column is reproduced here, with hypertext links to relevant Internet sites. In addition, PC Week editors have put together a guide to the net called On the Web.
Windows Sources
The magazine for windows experts. Online
ZiffNet/Mac, also known as ZMac, is an online publishing division of Ziff Communications. It provides an online connection to MacUser and MacWEEK, and brings news, information, carefully selected and tested shareware and freeware, and exclusive original software to thousands of CompuServe, eWorld and AppleLink users.

Macworld Online Web Server

CMP Publications
Communications Week
Comm Week International
Computer Reseller News
Computer Retail Week
Electronic Buyers News
Electronic Engineering Times
Home PC
Information Week
Interactive Age
Internet Business Report
Network Computing
OEM Magazine
VAR Business
Windows Magazine

Mother Jones
Mother Jones is a magazine of investigation and ideas for independent thinkers. We seek to inspire action towards positive social change by exposing abuses of power, challenging conventional wisdom, redefining stubborn problems, and offering fresh solutions.

Washingtonian Magazine
An insider's guide to the nation's Capitol. Washingtonian Online includes guides to the best restuarants, shopping and travel information, as well as other need-to-know info for local residents.

Provides a comprehensive view of the commercial online world and the Internet.

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Philip Greenspun has documented some interesting adventures:

Downtown Anywhere
An interesting story-in-progress where contributions are submitted that take the reader along many different pathways. You get to choose how the characters act.
Doomsday Brunette
Another story where you get to pick the path. Created by John M. Zakour.

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