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Resources are other pages that point to more links. Collections are pages that have quotational content. Servers are sites that will display for you a quotation (or more). Lookup are some DOQ (Dictionary of Quotations) on-line that you can search for a quote in. Applications are programs you can run on your computer that are quotationally relevant. Commercial sites would like you to pay for some product they are offering. Contributions is a note for people that want to add/change/modify the content of this page.


The Usenet Newsgroup devoted to quotations of all sorts. Interesting discussions, quotation requests, and (of course) lots of quotations.

The latticed on-line quotations user service created by Jason Newquist is one of the first quotational resources to make it on the Web and has an extensive listing of quotations resources, archives, and series. Though Jason no longer maintains it, here it is in an archived form.

The Quotations Page
Has a selection of quotations randomly generated every day, amongst other quotations related items.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (9th Ed):
I've died and gone to heaven! Who would have thought this quotational staple would come on-line?

Yahoo: Reference: Quotations
Always a great reference.

Green Eggs Report
The Green Eggs Report is a list of URLs spotted within alt.quotations. By by alice@ar.com. Not all are hyperlinks that lead to quotational resources. Some lead to home pages of people who contribute to alt.quotations.
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The Weekly Quotes
Quotations sent out in weekly batches through both the Serial Quotations Mailing List (now defunct) and alt.quotations. Contains the complete archive of the Weekly Quotes, including history and other interesting information.

The Thought for Today Archive
George does a great job of compiling many of the series passing through alt.quotations and the various quotations mailing lists. Always on top of things, he keeps the collections up-to-date.

FRANK's Quotations
A set of creative quotes for each day of the month from a famous person born on that day. A very creative site from Frank Baer with an interesting theme: All quotations are linked to the following five components of creativity: Foraging, Reflecting, Adopting, Nurturing, and Knuckling Down. Can list famous people by name or birthday, and brief biographies are included with the quotes. Check it out!

The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
A cynical dictionary of definitions. Very (in)famous and often quoted.

The Commonplace Book
Commonplace book (n.): an edited collection of striking passages noted in a single place for future reference.

Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
Somewhat sparse right now, but the foundation has been set for a great collection.

Biblical Contradictions
Well this isn't a source of quotations, but the bible is. And not only should you know your sources, but you better be able to argue the point as well. This isn't a source of bible-bashing. The arguments in here are very well thought out, and there is even a forum for adding your own comments to the discussion.

Mathematical Quotations Server
Furman University. Mathematical quotations culled from many sources. Alphabetized and Indexed with search capability as well.

The Quotes Page
Another site from Furman University, this time curated by Alan Sharrer. A series of weekly letters, each with several quotes included. The letters and quotation have a Christian theme.

Quotations from the SGI USA Environmental Exhibition
A single, long page of interesting quotations regarding the environment. Sorted by topic (such as "spirit" and "balance") and interestingly cross-referenced by author. Has some nice images as well.

Stanford Quotations Archive
A bunch of text files that contain quotations of a humorous nature.

University of British Columbia Quotations Archive
The files in this directory are quotation files collected from the net. They have been compresses with gzip. Over 50 archives—everything from blackadder.gz to zippy.pinhead.gz.

Quotes, by Subject
A hefty collection of quotations, somewhat ordered and cross-referenced.

The Internet Movie Database
Lots of movie quotes. You can also search.

The Official Internet Quayle Quote List
My oh, my! How can one person keep putting his foot in his mouth over and over and over? These humorous tidbits are even sourced.

Bon Mots from the Supermodels
Is there really a brain behind that bod? Read these quotations and judge for yourself.

Quotations related to Creativity
"Many famous (and not so famous people) have said profound things about the creative process. Have a browse through these quotations to kick-start your creative juices."

Aaron Fuegi's Collected Quotations
Aaron says: "These quotes have been collected by me over many years. I choose those quotes which I feel express something about me. A few of these quotes are included entirely for humor value or as a beautiful expression. Basically all of the others, for me, have a philosophy behind them which I believe in one way or the other. Of course, I actually follow the principles of some far more than others. Enjoy."

Charade's Quote Collection
(400+k) Richard Schuerger's personal collection of over 2700 quotes.

A Collection of Quotes
From Performance Partners. At last glance, over 60 categories of quotations from Action to Worry. All on one page though. Over 300K including the graphics

Conventional Wisdom
"Selected Quotations Illustrating the Illusions of Popular History." By mtmurphy@indiana.edu. The quotations are good, but the background is a bit noisy.

Art - Few Words
I supect 'Art' is a category and Michael Fuchs is the compiler. Within are four pages of quotes formatted like they came from HotWired. Interestingly diverting.

The Kerrie DeGood Quotes Page
A number of categories of quotations. Has a form to submit your own quotational suggestions to the database.

Good Quotes by Famous People
A page of quotations (over 100) collected by Gabriel Robins

WebStars: Quotation Corner
About a dozen quotations on a single page.

Some of my Favorites Quotes
A handful on a single page by Eric C. Carlson

Charles Daney's Quotation Collection
A long page of quotes (~30K) categorized by: Philosophy; Thought, language, Problem solving and creativity, Psychology, Art and literature, Nature, Clothing and the lack thereof, and Visualize whirled peas.

Collection of quotations in Italian
These aren't just Italian quotations—they're in Italian. I have no idea what they say. Compiled by Claudio Fabbro.

Kim's Homepage
By Kim Bruno. Right now two collections of quotes by Groucho Marx and W.C. Fields, but there are some nice graphics interspersed as well.

Advertising Quotes
Curated by Jef Richards, advertising professor at the University of Texas at Austin. 135K of quotes in seventy-two categories.

Quotes, Quotes, and More Quotes
Maintained by Dan Sachar. Contains pages on great Movie quotes, Lyrical quotes, quotes about Sex, Music, Love and God.

Quotations Central
Quotations on Muscle, Health and Consciousness. Unfortunately the lines don't wrap so it is difficult to read the quotes.

Quotes Alpha-List
Quotes under topics listed alphabetically.

Cole's Quotables
"This is my collection of quotables and quotable resources. I have tried my best to ensure that credit is given where due." Quotes are grouped in 32K "Installments", with five such installments already in place.

Susan's quotations collection (109K)
Collected by Susan Brumbaugh. Quotes she has found humerous or interesting. Also has a page on Love & Marriage (30K). These are listed in alphabetical order by author.

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Internet Quotations Screen Saver Client
A screensaver application (quotesav.zip) that grabs quotations from a server on the internet. For MS Windows. I don't know if this is free or shareware because I don't have a PC.
Cute Quote Screen Saver
Another Windows screensaver that displays quotes. Looks to be freeware with donations gladly accepted.
Random Signature System
by Tim Menzies. Incorporates a random quotation into your .signature
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A Handbook of Wisdom for Those in Transition
"This book contains over 3,000 quotations which have particular meaning for people who are going through major changes in their lives." An advertisement to to order the book, but they have selected quotes worth perusing.

The Write Way
Framed Quotations rendered by hand.
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Is there some quotation resources I'm missing? Do you want your own quotations pages to be listed? Is there some information missing or incorrect on your link? Please contact me and I will take appropriate action. NOTE: I would love to add your page to my list, especially if you have a link to this page somewhere in your webspace. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

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